How to apply the glitter?

We advise applying glitter with a balm or gel and using an eyeshadow or wide paintbrush for large areas like the shoulders and chest. We do have body glue available for times when a longer lasting application is required, (Pool parties, music videos, 2/3 day events) This increases the lasting time on the skin to 3 days and should be removed with a baby oil or oil based product.

How do i remove the glitter?

We removing glitter it’s ideal to use a face wipe or wet tissue and dispose in the bin, do not put glitter down the sink.

Can I use the glitter and jewels on my face?

Yes, the glitter and body jewels can be used on the face and therefore are completely safe. We recommend testing the product on a small area to check for any sensitivity. If you experience any irritation remove the products and seek medical advice if irritation persists.

Where can I not apply the glitter?

We recommend not applying glitter on very sensitive areas of your body and to take extra care around your eyes to avoid any kind of damage. The products are safe to use on your waist line, chest, abdomen, face, hair and booty so feel free to go extra!

I would like to book a particular colour or combination for the theme of my event, is that possible?

Of Course! we are always open to knew ideas. All our glitters are hand blended, we have a huge variety of shades and colours of glitter to choose from. If you have a specific colour theme we can cater to that or even have your own bespoke glitter created for the occasion just let us know and we can make it happen!

(perfect for weddings)