Brightening up a night out, getting you involved in festival culture, adding extra shimmer to your shine and making everyone a slave to the sparkle.The Glitter Addict are specialist body and make-up artists ready to help you embrace your wild side and join the sparkling revolution.

Our make-up artists at The Glitter Addict know how to get you in the mood to party with shiny things. Anywhere we can apply the sparkly stuff, we will! Always maintaining excellent designs that can match any look or occasion, you’ll leave our events with a glow from our glitter and a confidence to match your contour.

While we’re busy applying glitter, ask us about getting your nails done or your hair braided, because we’re all fully qualified to do that as well.

We are specialists in bespoke crystal body art designs and with over 20 years collective experience in this area we are confident we are among the top artists in our field and can really bring something different to your guests.

The Glitter Addict are also getting ready to launch one of the UK’s largest range of hand-blended, cosmetically certified glitter collections, with a huge array of colours & blends, biodegradable glitter and high end all in one body jewels designed and exclusive to us.

You can be assured we can compliment any look or event you can imagine. So how do we work? Well, at our core we’re a pop-up business. Meaning we can set up wherever is convenient for you and never jeopardise or encroach on your workspace.

We have a talented team of professional, creative and qualified make-up artists who understand exactly what our target audience want, simply because they’re the type of people we apply our glitter to. They’re free-spirited, life-loving and happy souls. However, that doesn’t mean it’s exclusive to the younger generation, all ages are getting involved in the glitter revolution!

By adding this service to your event, we will boost the party atmosphere and get everyone involved in whatever events are going on, making it a perfect addition to any business.